Healthy southern cuisine with a distinctive urban flair

Learn more about the Chef who started it all, Chef John Saxton.

Grilled Chicken

Grilled Salmon with Grilled Fruit

urban chicken marsala

His experience with various Chef’s from around the world had influenced the development of his own signature menu ranging from “healthy southern cuisine” to very "sensual desserts". He is constantly creating new, innovative selections for "The Chef's Lecture Series: The Sensual Side of Foods". All food was cooked to order and the Chef’s menu and the flavors of his cuisine reflected the culinary desires of the urban cosmopolitan market he served.

He was subsequently asked by Barbara Smith to assist her in developing her first restaurant, “B. Smith’s”, which was located on 8th Avenue in NYC. Due to the success of her first restaurant, she now has three restaurants, two in New York and one in D.C.

Whether you call it Soul Food, Southern Cuisine, or African American Cuisine, everybody calls it Delicious!!

About ​Us

The Tampa restaurant scene has all the usual national chains and fast food joints, but part of the fun of going out is sampling the local cuisine. With that in mind, the locally owned Urban Culinary Cuisine Café offered choices for those who craved comfort food and those who savored more international flavors; for fans of out-of-the-way spots as well as proponents of stylish, intimate-sized upscale cafes.

​This intimate-sized Greenwich Village New York-styled cafe was known for its cooked to order freshness and large portion sizes. Located in Northeast Tampa, it was owned by Chef John Saxton, known simply as “Chef” by the locals. He was a Chef's Apprentice at the once world-famous "Windows on the World" restaurant on the 107th floor of the World Trade Center towers in New York City.